Tri Club Competition – Full Results

An inter club competition between Bon Accord Camera Club from AberdeenCardiff Camera Club and South London Photographic Society.

The first of these competitions was held on 8th May 2017, hosted this year by South London and judged by Gerald Kitiyakara LRPS.
1st Place: Bon Accord, Aberdeen    147 points
A resting place with the world at my feet Helen Mitchell 10
Feather for Tea Ian Mitchell ARPS AFIAP DPAGB 10
The Book Keepers Nightmare Roger Hinton LRPS EFIAP CPAGB 10
Nut Peeling Alan Gawthorpe DPAGB EFIAPs 10
Winter Storm David McLauchlin
Female Chaffinch Helen Mitchell
Winter Storm John Stewart
Rattray Head Sunrise Sarah Rose
Wild Pine Marten Kit Ian Mitchell ARPS AFIAP DPAGB
Coloured Smiles Euan Fraser 9
Bow Fiddle Rock Ray Millum 9
Heaven & Earth David Watson CPAGB 9
The Last Stand Roger Hinton LRPS EFIAP CPAGB
Studying the Koran David Mair
Flower Girl David Watson CPAGB 8
Loch Ard Boat Reflections Sarah Rose
2nd Place:  Cardiff    140 points
Portrait of a photographer Gordon Maclaren 10
Bishop of London Trevor Waller 10
Snow Queen Anthony Crothers 10
Demoiselle Agrion Vic Chambers 10
Work Like A Dog But Act Like A Gent Yvette Robertshaw
Wheatear on Ragwort Rhod Llewellyn CPAGB
Chaffinch Pete Rankin 9
Art Gordon Maclaren 9
Red Pillars Jeff Howe
Fan Frynach Vic Chambers
Llandudno Pier Andre Vande Sand
Cliffgoat Geoff Osborne 8
Hunted Atul Joshi
Winter Glory Jennifer Cox ARPS
Millenium Man Steve Willcocks
Detail Cardiff Library Toby Richards 7
3rd Place:  South London     137½ points
Yo! Beatboxer Pat Couder CPAGB BPE*1 10
Puffin on a Cliff Jim Berkshire
Misty Crossing Jeff Royce
Southwold Pier Dave Harris LRPS
One Last Call Jose Souto 9
Crooner Rhiannon Ifans
Irish Eyes Michael Loveder
Lay Down Museum Pat Couder CPAGB BPE*1
A Splash of Red and Blue Jim Berkshire
Corridor Dave Harris LRPS
Marching through the mist Richard Evans
Smiling Sweeper,Jaipur Fort Robert Williams 8
Solitude Standing Rosemary Mann 8
The Arrival Peter Grimes 8
Glass Display Susan Grimes
Say Cheese John McArthy LRPS