Jeff Royce Challenge Trophy – Rules

Rules for the Jeff Royce Open Challenge Trophy

1. Summary

The Jeff Royce Open Challenge Trophy is a PDI competition open to all Ordinary and Honorary members. It is intended to mark the outstanding contribution made by Jeff Royce to SLPS over many years.

The competition is a fun competition, inviting members of all standards to submit their work over two rounds, held on separate evenings. Everyone is eligible to enter both rounds.

The competition will be judged by members. A score will be awarded for each image over the two rounds, and the winner will be the person with the most points.

A suitably engraved trophy will be presented to the winner.

2. Eligible entries

Members may enter a maximum of three images in each round – a total of six images. Images must be in JPEG format with a maximum horizontal dimension of 1400 pixels, and a maximum vertical dimension of 1050 pixels. The images should be in the sRGB workspace. See ‘Help with PDI Submissions‘ for further details.

All six images, three for the first round and three for the second round, must be submitted by midnight of the Monday preceding the first round. This ensures that everyone who enters, enters both rounds.

Images must not have been previously entered into a club competition, or published on the club website, Flickr or Facebook page. This follows normal etiquette of not allowing judges to see an image beforehand, and knowing who the author is.

Note that there is no separation between standard and advanced class – everyone is eligible.

3. Interpretation

The two rounds will be:
Round 1 – The Urban World
Round 2 – The Natural World

These themes should be interpreted flexibly.
‘The Urban World’ broadly means cityscapes, buildings, streets, people and events. ‘The Natural World’ broadly means landscapes, flora and fauna.

Note that the restrictive rules normally associated with ‘Natural History’ and ‘Wildlife’ as defined by the RPS, PSA and FIAP do not apply.

4. Judging

The images will be judged by all full Ordinary and Honorary members present, using their own individual scoring sheet.  Entrants to the competition will also be judges.

5. Scoring

After a slideshow of all submitted images, each image will be shown again. Members will indicate on their scoring sheet whether they ‘like’ the image (with a tick). Members may ‘like’ as many images as they wish, but must not vote for their own images. This ensures that absent members are not disadvantaged.

In Round 1, the judging sheets will be collected after the last image has been shown. A ‘score’ for each competing member will be calculated by adding the total number of ticks on the judging sheets for all the images that member has submitted. There will be no ties in Round 1.

In Round 2, the exact same procedure will be followed and the scores received will be added to the scores from Round 1.

The winner will be the person with the highest combined score.

6. Tied score

In the event of a tie after Round 2, the images from both rounds will be considered.

1 image from each winner, the one with the highest score, will be shown. If any person has more than 1 image with the same highest score, the last image projected will be taken.

The members will be asked to caste one vote by a show of hands for the image they think is best. The member whose image gets the most votes will be the winner.

If there is still a tie, the trophy will be shared by the winning members.

7. Final Arbitration

The Competition Secretary has the final word in all matters relating to the rules of JRCT.