Help with PDI Submissions

These notes will help you with your submissions for the four PDI competitions throughout the year and for PDI entries for set subject competitions.

There are certain settings which are very important as there is a good possibility that if these are not correct your image may not be projected to its best advantage.

The three settings are – file type, image size and colour space.

File type
All images must be formatted as JPEG’s. Other image formats such as tiffs or raw cannot be accepted.

Image Size
The maximum image size that can be projected is 1400 wide x 1050 high. This corresponds to the SLF (South London Federation) competition size.

When you export from Lightroom or Photoshop you are given opportunity to select the size of the exported image. Choose Width and Height and enter in 1400 x 1050. Your image will automatically be sized accordingly to these rules. An image that is squarer will be displayed as 1050 high by whatever the width is up to 1400. Similarly a letterbox image will be 1400 wide by whatever its height is up to 1050. Ratio of the original image is not changed.

If you require help to size your images contact Peter Grimes on

Colour Space
Different display methods have different abilities to display colours. Print is usually the best, with monitors and projectors having a more restricted colour space.
Adobe will therefore produce the best results for print and should be what your camera is set to and your image editing software too.
If you are outputting images for display on the internet or by electronic means i.e. monitors or projectors, the sRGB colour space is much more accurate.
This can be dealt with on export from your Image Software.

Need more help?
If you require help to ensure the correct colour space contact Peter Grimes on

File Name
The file name for each image should be in the format “N_Title.jpg” where N indicates your order of preference of the image, followed by underscore , and Title is the chosen title of the image. So for example file names of images could be “1_Sunset View.jpg”, “2_West Front Lincoln Cathedral.jpg” and so on. Please note there is NO author’s name in the file name and no spaces between the initial number and the underscore and the title. The title itself may have spaces, these must not be filled with any other character.

How to submit images
All images for competitions should be placed in you dropbox folder – these have been set up and are available for new members by contacting Peter Grimes. In emergency situations submissions can be made via the email address and we will transfer them.