Gates Shield – Rules

Rules for the Gates Shield

1. Summary

The Gates Shield is a PDI competition for triptychs open to all Ordinary and Honorary members. It is intended to mark the outstanding contribution made by the Gates family to SLPS over many years.

The competition is an informal competition, inviting members of all standards to submit their work.

The competition will be judged by members. A score will be awarded for each image and the winner will be the person with the most points.

A suitably engraved trophy will be presented to the winner.

2. Eligible entries

Each entrant may enter up to a maximum of 3 entries, digital images only.

An entry must comprise three distinct images (not a single image cut into 3) of any size or shape either wholly separated or only partially overlapping and have a common theme to form a cohesive panel.

A background, if included, should complement the presentation of the three images but must not become a significant fourth image.

3. Judging

The images will be judged by all full Ordinary and Honorary members present, using their own individual scoring sheet.  Entrants to the competition will also be judges.

4. Scoring

After a slideshow of all submitted images, each image will be shown again. Members will indicate on their scoring sheet whether they ‘like’ the image (with a tick). Members may ‘like’ as many images as they wish.

The winner will be the person with the highest number of votes.

5. Final Arbitration

The Competition Secretary has the final word in all matters relating to the rules of the Gates Shield.