PDI 4 – Standard 2019-18

THeld on 14th January 2019

Judge: Paul Parkinson LRPS

Busy Bee Den Heffernon 10 Cert
Gone to Seed Den Heffernon 10 Cert
Chelsea Cleaning Rosemary Mann 9.5 Cert
White on Blue Den Heffernon 9 Cert
View from the Eye Richard Evans 8.5
Just a bit old fashioned Chris Wise 8.5
The Violinist Margaret Stredwick 8.5
Pollen shower Christine Barrass 8.5
Hooded girl Rosemary Mann 8
Reflections David Machet 8
Solitude Christine Barrass 8
Prancing Richard Evans 7.5
A lowering sky Chris Wise 7.5
Reflective Evening Walk Margaret Stredwick 7.5
Folkestone Mermaid Rosemary Mann 7.5
Weekend subway-Tokyo Christine Barrass 7.5
The Lord Napier Gill Hitchcock 7.5
Mynydd y Dref Gill Hitchcock 7.5
Disappearing Margaret Stredwick 7
Contrasts Rosie May 7
On the Prowl David Machet 7
Pushing for gold Chris Wise 7
London Eye Richard Evans 7
Leaves Rosie May 7
Dulwich Reflections David Machet 6.5
Winter in Llandudno Gill Hitchcock 6.5

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