PDI 3 – Standard 2018-19

Held on 5th November 2018

Judge: Robin Harmsworth

Chevy Den Heffernon 10 Certificate
Blooming Blue Margaret Stredwick 10 Certificate
Scottish toad Rosie May 9 Certificate
A Scottish Fungus David May 8.5 Certificate
Burano Rosemary Mann 8
Line Up Rosemary Mann 8
Hit by a wave Rosie May 8
Dusk at Whitstable Den Heffernon 7.5
St Peters Dome and Column Richard Evans 7.5
Shards of Blue Rosemary Mann 7.5
No Waiting Margaret Stredwick 7.5
Weighing in on Llandudno pier Gill Hitchcock 7.5
DIY Coffee Table Margaret Stredwick 7
Walmer sea front Gill Hitchcock 7
Sailing By Richard Evans 7
Street pastels. Chris Wise 7
Standing guard Richard Evans 6.5
Friedrich Engels returns to Manchester Gill Hitchcock 6.5
The Tack Room Den Heffernon 6.5
Woodland walk. Chris Wise 6.5
Door Chrome. Chris Wise 6.5
Very ancient oak Rosie May 6
Catching the Sun Limor Tevet 6
English Summer Limor Tevet 6
Turbulence David May 5.5
Raindrops David May 5.5
The 3rd Flower Pot Limor Tevet 5

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