PDI 3 – Advanced 2018-19

Held on 5th November 2018

Judge: Robin Harmsworth

I’m on my way Michael Loveder 10 Certificate
Cardigan Bay Stephen Gates ARPS 10 Certificate
Like a Bat Pat Couder CPAGB, BPE1 9.5 Certificate
Eat Alone Dave Harris LRPS 9 Certificate
Colours at Canary Wharf Susan Grimes 8.5
The Early Catch Susan Grimes 8
The Vine Jeff Royce 8
Red Squirrel Susan Grimes 8
Style Speaks for Itself Pat Couder CPAGB, BPE1 8
Two’s Company Michael Loveder 7.5
Must Catch the Train Dave Harris LRPS 7.5
The Lighthouse Stephen Gates ARPS 7.5
Final Act Peter Grimes 7.5
Langdale Pikes Peter Grimes 7.5
Resting Herring Gull Jeff Royce 7
Fingers of wood John McCarthy LRPS 7
Crocodile Monitor Lizard Michael Loveder 6.5
Hoop scene John McCarthy LRPS 6.5
Can I Join in Pat Couder CPAGB, BPE1 6.5
Fungus in the Limelight Peter Grimes 6
Teifi Estuary Stephen Gates ARPS 6
Hidden Garden Jeff Royce 6
In the Water Dave Harris LRPS 6
Stack ’em high John McCarthy LRPS 5.5

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