PDI 2 – Standard 2018-19

Held on 4th June 2018

Judge: Paul Adams DPAGB ARPS FDPS

Marsh harrier on the prowl Victor Pace 10 Certificate
Concrete curves Rosemary Mann 9.5 Certificate
Melon Seller Margaret Stredwick 9 Certificate
Engine Richard Evans 9 Certificate
On reflection Victor Pace 9
Tea break Victor Pace 9
Alone Den Heffernon 8
After the rain Rosie May 8
Hidden Grave Richard Evans 8
A Room With A View Den Heffernon 8
Old Lifeboat Station Margaret Stredwick 7.5
Bench Rosemary Mann 7.5
Reaching for the sky Rosie May 7.5
Beach Conversation Margaret Stredwick 7.5
Cacti David May 7.5
A Different Perspective Limor Tevet 7
Allium Rosie May 7
The Hunt for Red October Rosemary Mann 7
Isolation in Kingsdown Limor Tevet 7
Looking Higher Den Heffernon 7
Rule of Thirds Limor Tevet 7
Polished Richard Evans 6.5
Fading Grandure. Chris Wise 5.5
The Jumping Tree David May 5.5

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