PDI 1 – Advanced

Held on 6th March 2017

Judge: Mick White LRPS

Northern Pintail coming in to land Jim Berkshire 10 Certificate
Circle of Hate Jeff Royce 10 Certificate
Clematis Pat Couder CPAGB 10 Certificate
A Splash of Red and Blue Jim Berkshire 10 Certificate
Smoke Swirls Pat Couder CPAGB 9.5
All Ablaze #2 Jeff Royce 9.5
Island Mere MInsmere Suffolk Peter Grimes 9.5
Try angles at Paternoster Square Michael Loveder 9.5
Amelia Jim Berkshire 9
Tokic Michael Loveder 9
There’s more if you’re good! John McCarthy LRPS 8.5
Completely Quackers [Red Crested Pochard] Michael Loveder 8.5
Taking the Long Road Jeff Royce 8.5
The Black Cuillin Stephen Gates ARPS 8.5
Concentration Dave Harris LRPS 8.5
Bridge Symmetry Stephen Gates ARPS 8.5
Concentration inside & out John McCarthy LRPS 8
Now & Then John McCarthy LRPS 8
Five a day Peter Grimes 8
The Workhorse Peter Grimes 7.5
Awaiting Repair Stephen Gates ARPS 7.5
Isabella Pat Couder CPAGB 7.5
To the Pier Dave Harris LRPS 7.5
Sun Seeker Dave Harris LRPS 7

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