Monochrome Print 4 – Standard

Held on 4th December 2017

Judge: Mick White LRPS

Fairfield Church Susan Grimes 10 Certificate
One Grand Den Heffernon 10 Certificate
Boat Repairs Robert Williams 9.5 Certificate
Art Appreciation Robert Williams 9 Certificate
Majestic Susan Grimes 8.5
Insides Richard Evans 8
Thames Barrier Susan Grimes 8
Black Volcanic Sea Stacks Iceland Robert Williams 8
Crystal Ball Richard Evans 7.5
Passing on the Stairs Rosie May 7.5
Searching Richard Evans 7
Voices Not Drowned Den Heffernon 7
Chair Stacks Rosie May 6.5
Rounding the Needles Den Heffernon 6.5
Still Smouldering Rosie May 6

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