PDI 2 – Standard 2017-18

Held on 5th June 2017

Judge: Tony Bentley ARPS

Figures in the mist Rosie May 10 Cert
Me and my ……… Rosie May 10 Cert
Black Headed Cardinal Beetle Robert Williams Cert
Hiding in the Bluebells Margaret Stredwick Cert
Cutty Sark Bo Hanson
Just the Two of Us Barry Cole
One Bomber Missing Den Heffernon 9
Tunnel Vision Bo Hanson
Get ready to Smile Barry Cole
I’m looking at you Susan Grimes
Is this a Reflection David May
Dog Day Afternoon Robert Williams
Four Phones Barry Cole
Massed Masts Bo Hanson
An Optimistic Outlook Den Heffernon 8
Street Shave in the Pink City (Jaipur) Robert Williams 8
Seven Sisters Den Heffernon 8
18 Came Along all at Once Richard Evans 8
Broadstairs in May Geoff Watts 8
Sunset on the Thames Susan Grimes 8
Pavilion Domes Richard Evans 8
Alone at St Pancras Susan Grimes 8
Feeling Safe Rosie May
Old and Wrinkled Margaret Stredwick
Tulips RHS Wisley Geoff Watts 7
Church door and weed Richard Evans 7
Big Boys’ Toys Margaret Stredwick 7
Bleak Evening Minnis Bay Geoff Watts