PDI 3 – Advanced

Held on 22nd June 2020

Judge: Terry Hewitt

Medway Estuary Jeff Royce 10 Certificate
Whitby Pier Pat Couder CPAGB, BPE1 9.5 Certificate
Ghost mantis (Phyllocrania paradoxa) Jim Berkshire 9.5 Certificate
On the fence Michael Loveder CPAGB 9 Certificate
Heron in flight Jim Berkshire 8.5
Winter at Wisley Stephen Gates ARPS 8.5
Panic Buying Pat Couder CPAGB, BPE1 8.5
Robin on a Wire Jeff Royce 8.5
Three Egyptian goose goslings Jim Berkshire 8.5
Three Michael Loveder CPAGB 8
Walking the Line Peter Grimes 8
Seaview Jeff Royce 8
Inner Sound, Raasay Stephen Gates ARPS 8
Red Panda Michael Loveder CPAGB 8
Moving Jose Souto 8
Saw Jose Souto 8
Evening Light on Snowdon Dave Harris LRPS 8
Into the forest Susan Grimes 8
The Bee and the flower Susan Grimes 7.5
Remembering the past Susan Grimes 7.5
Bee on Lambs ears Pat Couder CPAGB, BPE1 7.5
All alone Stephen Gates ARPS 7.5
Soul Singer Peter Grimes 7.5
Bleak Hill Farm Peter Grimes 7.5
Music Tonight Dave Harris LRPS 7.5
Water Music Dave Harris LRPS 7
The gap Jose Souto 7

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