PDI 2 – Advanced

To be held on 8th June 2020

Judge: Jack Taylor EFIAP, DPAGB


Woodland Deer Pat Couder CPAGB, BPE1* 10 Certificate
Elephants playtime Susan Grimes Certificate
Mute Swan in flight Stephen Gates ARPS Certificate
Wait Jose Souto Certificate
Garlic cloves Jim Berkshire 9
Extreme macro House fly Jim Berkshire 9
Bald Eagle in flight Michael Loveder CPAGB 9
Pin Dave Harris LRPS 8
Shaftesbury Peter Grimes 8
It’s quicker by bike! Peter Grimes 8
Shipwreck – Saltwick Bay Pat Couder CPAGB, BPE1* 8
Horse Chestnut in Flower Jeff Royce 8
Golden Seedhead Pat Couder CPAGB, BPE1* 8
Pink orchids Jim Berkshire 8
Before the storm Jose Souto 8
Picture Dave Harris LRPS 8
The Old Resident Jeff Royce 8
Spiked Jose Souto 8
Beached Susan Grimes 7
Mirror reflection Stephen Gates ARPS 7
Water Dragon – Kew Gardens Peter Grimes 7
Reculver Towers Jeff Royce 7
Crossing the Street Susan Grimes 7
My only lockdown visitor Michael Loveder CPAGB 7
Locked down and locked up Michael Loveder CPAGB 6
Misty lake Stephen Gates ARPS 6
Bookends Dave Harris LRPS 6

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