Monochrome Print 3 – Standard

To be held on 30th September 2019

Judge: David Harford LRPS

The Smiffy Den Heffernon 10 Certificate
Ellipse Rosemary Mann 10 Certificate
The Study Den Heffernon 10 Certificate
Dutch Barn Rosemary Mann Certificate
A Church Nave David May 9
Old Man’s Beard Rosie May
Preparing to Jump Margaret Stredwick
Pouring over the Rocks Margaret Stredwick
Light Up David Machet 8
Reflections and Shadows Den Heffernon 8
Three Webbers Chris Wise 8
Home Alone David Machet 8
Steaming through the Fjord Margaret Stredwick
Angel David Machet
Shingles and Shadows Chris Wise 7
Shadows and reflections Rosie May 7
In Memoriam to Electricity Rosemary Mann 7
Guarding the bench David May 7
Breakfast is here David May 7
Bentley Bonnet Chris Wise 7
Belted Galloways Rosie May

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