Colour Print 3 – Standard

Held on 21st October 2019

Judge: Sheena Rodgers



Cruise Angles Margaret Stredwick 10 Certificate
Sunset at Clevedon Den Heffernon 10 Certificate
A light touch Rosie May 9.5 Certificate
Walking through muddy puddles Rosie May 9
Dominance David May 8.5
Bits and Pieces Rosemary Mann 8.5
At Montgomery Castle Rosie May 8.5
Sognefjord Dawn Den Heffernon 8.5
Taking a Running Jump Margaret Stredwick 8.5
Beach Explorer Margaret Stredwick 8.5
Funghi Galore David May 8
Trees trees as far as the eye can see Rosemary Mann 8
Cardoon To You Chris Wise 8
Olden Fjord, Norway Den Heffernon 8
Cain and Purple Glory Chris Wise 7.5
Impression of Benevenagh Rosemary Mann 7.5
Lovely Laburnam Chris Wise 7.5

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