Colour Print 3 & 4 – Advanced

Held on 11th January 2021

Judge: Robin Harmsworth

Softness Pat Couder CPAGB, BPE1 10 Certificate
Camouflaged spider Jim Berkshire 10 Certificate
Still Pat Couder CPAGB, BPE1 10 Certificate
Holy Water Robert Williams 10 Certificate
Misty Morning Robert Williams 10
Motocross jumper Jim Berkshire 10
Out in the sticks Michael Loveder CPAGB 10
Garlic reflection Jim Berkshire 10
Tin Tin Ho Michael Loveder CPAGB 10
Bee on Lavender Peter Grimes 9.5
Bonnet Fungi Robert Williams 9.5
Down Jose Souto 9.5
Last call Jose Souto 9
Eggs ‘n’ Beans Pat Couder CPAGB, BPE1 9
The Wash at Snettisham Stephen Gates ARPS 9
Mask Dave Harris LRPS 8.5
Three Pink Roses Pat Couder CPAGB, BPE1 8.5
Maltese Details Peter Grimes 8.5
All at sea Michael Loveder CPAGB 8.5
Storm Clouds above Glen Nevis Peter Grimes 8
The buoy Stephen Gates ARPS 8
Portland Bill Robert Williams 8
Uphill Struggle Susan Grimes 8
Hotel Lobby Dave Harris LRPS 8
Navigli Grande – Milan Peter Grimes 8
Fly agaric Jim Berkshire 7.5
Red, Blue and Brick Susan Grimes 7.5
RUIN ON THE RIVER Susan Grimes 7
Role reversal Michael Loveder CPAGB 7
Hackney Street Dave Harris LRPS 7
Evening Walk Dave Harris LRPS 7
By Paddington Basin Stephen Gates ARPS 7
Trail Jose Souto 6.5
Lamp in the Mist Susan Grimes 6
Past the brow Jose Souto 5.5
A Norfolk Evening Stephen Gates ARPS 5.5

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