PDI 2 – Advanced

To be held on 10th June 2019

Judge: David Harford LRPS


Singapore Girl Michael Loveder 10 Certificate
Hesitant Fox Michael Loveder 10 Certificate
Glasswing Butterfly Jeff Royce 10 Certificate
Rear View Susan Grimes 9.5 Certificate
In the first light of morning Jim Berkshire 9.5
The Effects of Plastic Pat Couder CPAGB, BPE1 9.5
Purple Haired Pat Couder CPAGB, BPE1 9.5
Lunch time rush Stephen Gates ARPS 9.5
Up the Stairs Dave Harris LRPS 9.5
In the Tate Stephen Gates ARPS 9
Red marker Stephen Gates ARPS 9
Evening on Thames Beach Dave Harris LRPS 9
White tailed fish eagle Jim Berkshire 8.5
Starting to wither Jim Berkshire 8.5
Trump and Theresa Pat Couder CPAGB, BPE1 8.5
Wrecked Susan Grimes 8.5
60103 Michael Loveder 8.5
The Guide Dave Harris LRPS 8
Elder Flowers Jeff Royce 7
Tulips Jeff Royce 7
Blue, Pink and Green Susan Grimes 6

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