PDI 1 – Standard

Held on 25th March 2019

Judge: Tony Bentley ARPS

Winter Trees Den Heffernon 10 Certificate
Moonlit Richard Evans 10 Certificate
Repairing the Radiator Margaret Stredwick 9.5 Certificate
Walking on the lines Richard Evans 9.5 Certificate
Shaz Rosie May 9.5
Steaming into the Past Margaret Stredwick 9.5
Two’s Company David Machet 9
I think I’m in love. Chris Wise 9
Amyrilis Den Heffernon 9
Swan Ripples Margaret Stredwick 9
Wharfed David Machet 9
Goodnight Apollo David Machet 9
Huts on Hastings Pier Rosemary Mann 9
A Walk in Kingsgate Bay Den Heffernon 8.5
On the Tiles Rosemary Mann 8.5
Bubbles on the pond Rosie May 8.5
RX134 Rosemary Mann 8.5
Thoughtful Christine Barrass 8.5
Walls and towers of Jaigarh Christine Barrass 8.5
Wall and window Richard Evans 8
Catkin flower Rosie May 8
Pink-n-Green. Chris Wise 7.5
Into the West Christine Barrass 7.5
Is that realy me. Chris Wise 7.5

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