Wilson Cup – Sept 2020 to Aug 2021

The competition is monthly with the themes announced at the start of the competition year.  Images must be taken within the time frame 1st September 2020 to 31st August 2021.   Each member can upload up to 3 images for each month’s challenge, and should be tagged with the relevant code.

To see each month’s winners click on the Flickr logo in the side bar.

Themes for the year:

September 2020AbstractSLPSSEP20
October 2020Cafe SocietySLPSOCT20
November 2020Contra JourSLPSNOV20
December 2020Just One EyeSLPSDEC20
January 2021RustSLPSJAN21
February 2021BlueSLPSFEB21
March 2021GreenSLPSMAR21
April 2021Song TitleSLPSAPR21
May 2021Letter ASLPSMAY21
June 2021High KeySLPSJUN21
July 2021SilhouetteSLPSJUL21
August 2021ShapesSLPSAUG21