Wilson Cup – Sep 2016 to Aug 2017

The competition is monthly with the themes announced at the start of the competition year.  Images must still be taken within the time frame 1st September 2016 to 31st August 2017.

Results so far:

July 2017 – Contra Jour – Against the Light

Winner:  “Backlit Poppy” by Pat Couder CPAGB
Runner up:  “The Long Road” by Susan Grimes

June 2017 – Shoot with a focal length of 50mm

Winner:  “Guitarist” by Robert Williams
Runner up:  “How big?” by Rosie May

May 2017 – Minimalist

Winner:  “The Runner” by Susan Grimes
Runner up:  “Nearly not there?” by Rosie May

April 2017 – Reflection

Winner:  “Reflecting on her holiday” by Jeff Royce
Runner up:  “Reflection 2” by David May

March 2017 – Walls or Fences

Winner: “Do Not Cross!” by Dave Harris
Runner up: “Fence – 1” by Rosie May

February 2017- Textures

Winner: “Texture 2” by Robert Williams
Runner up: “Metallic Swirls” by Den Heffernon

January 2017 – Shoot the Uninspiring

Winner: “Forks” by Jim Berkshire
Runner up: “Just Hanging” by Susan Grimes

December 2016 – Circles

Winner: “Kitchen Circles 1” by Robert Williams
Runner up: “Circles in Time” by Jim Berkshire

November 2016 – Moving Objects

Winner: “Tokic” by Michael Loveder
Runner up: “Traffic Trails” by Robert Williams

October 2016 – A Splash of Red

Winner: “Rainy Day” by Dave Harris LRPS
Runner up: “Fly Agaric” by Robert Williams

September 2016 – Indoors with Natural Light

Winner: “Faded Gerbera” by Pat Couder CPAGB
Runner up: “Boom went the Canon” by Pete Sullivan