Projected Digital Images Competition Results

The competition season for 2018-19 is half way through, come back regularly to see the winning images.
To see a larger version of the images click on one of them to bring up a carousel of them all.

Round 3 – to be held on 5th November 2018

Judge: Robin Harmsworth

Advanced Group:

“I’m on My Way” by Michael Loveder
“Cardigan Bay” by Stephen Gates ARPS
“Like a Bat” by Pat Couder CPAGB BPE1*
“Eat Alone” by Dave Harris LRPS

Standard Group:

“Chevy” by Den Heffernon
“Blooming Blue” by Margaret Stredwick
“Scottish Toad” by Rosie May
“A Scottish Fungus” by David May

Round 2 – Held on 4th June 2018

Judge: Paul Adams DPAGB ARPS FDPS

Advanced Group:

“Rays and Bluebells” by John McCarthy LRPS
“Liam” by Michael Loveder
“Towards the Sunset” by Jim Berkshire
“Female blue tailed Damselfly” by Jim Berkshire

Standard Group:

“Marsh harrier on the prowl” by Victor Pace
“Concrete curves” by Rosemary Mann
“Melon Seller” by Margaret Stredwick
“Engine” by Richard Evans

Round 1 – Held on 12th March 2018

Judge: Andy Smith LRPS CPAGB

Advanced Group:

“Escape Route” by Jose Souto
“Spiral Stairs” by Robert Williams
“Stag at Sunrise” by Jim Berkshire
“Shayan” by Michael Loveder

Standard Group:

“Sunset at Camber Sands” by Limor Tevet
“The Long Read” by Margaret Stredwick
“Giant Trees in Tel Aviv Beach” by Limor Tevet
“Little Ball of Feathers” by Victor Pace

Round 4 – to be held on 14th January 2019

Judge: Paul Parkinson LRPS