Projected Digital Images Competition Results

Only one more round to go in the 2019-20 season.   Results are posted following the competitions so check back regularly.
To see a larger version of the images click on one of them to bring up a carousel of them all.

Round 4 – To be held on 9th December 2019

Judge: Paul Parkinson LRPS

Round 3 – Held on 7th October 2019

Judge: Martin Faiers

Advanced Group:

“Owl, duck” by Michael Loveder CPAGB
“Mixed Messages” by Peter Grimes
“Afternoon Stroll in the Square” by Pat Couder CPAGB BPE1*
“Dancer in blue” by Pat Couder CPAGB BPE1*

Standard Group:

“Shadow on the Wall” by Rosemary Mann
“Under the Clock” by Margaret Stredwick
“Is it Safe to Jump?” by Rosie May
“Fresh from the Oven” by Margaret Stredwick

Round 2 – Held on 10th June 2019

Judge: David Harford LRPS

Advanced Group:

“Singapore Girl” by Michael Loveder
“Hesitant Fox” by Michael Loveder
“Glasswing Butterfly” by Jeff Royce
“Rear View” by Susan Grimes

Standard Group:

“Watching the Dance” by Gill Hitchcock
“Minus Two” by Richard Evans
“Closed” by David Machet
“Super Structure” by David Machet

Round 1 – Held on 25th March 2019

Judge: Tony Bentley ARPS

Advanced Group:

“In Here Somewhere” by Dave Harris LRPS
“You” by Dave Harris LRPS
“Reds Lining Up” by Pat Couder CPAGB BPE1*
“The Queen” by Dave Harris LRPS

Standard Group:

“Winter Trees” by Den Heffernon
“Moonlit” by Richard Evans
“Repairing the Radiator” by Margaret Stredwick
“Walking on the Lines” by Richard Evans