Projected Digital Images Competition Results

All 4 rounds of projected digital image competitions have now been held.   The certificated images listed below go through to the finals to be held in February 2019.   (Standard Group on 11th February & Advanced Group on 18th February)
To see a larger version of the images click on one of them to bring up a carousel of them all.

Round 4 – to be held on 14th January 2019

Judge: Paul Parkinson LRPS

Advanced Group:

“Motocross and Sidecar” by Jim Berkshire
“Ironing Out Differences” by Pat Couder CPAGB BPE1*
“Collision in a Bubble” by Jim Berkshire
“Down and Down and Round and Round” by John McCarthy LRPS

Standard Group:

“Busy Bee” by Den Heffernon
“Gone to Seed” by Den Heffernon
“Chelsea Cleaning” by Rosemary Mann
“White on Blue” by Den Heffernon

Round 3 – to be held on 5th November 2018

Judge: Robin Harmsworth

Advanced Group:

“I’m on My Way” by Michael Loveder
“Cardigan Bay” by Stephen Gates ARPS
“Like a Bat” by Pat Couder CPAGB BPE1*
“Eat Alone” by Dave Harris LRPS

Standard Group:

“Chevy” by Den Heffernon
“Blooming Blue” by Margaret Stredwick
“Scottish Toad” by Rosie May
“A Scottish Fungus” by David May

Round 2 – Held on 4th June 2018

Judge: Paul Adams DPAGB ARPS FDPS

Advanced Group:

“Rays and Bluebells” by John McCarthy LRPS
“Liam” by Michael Loveder
“Towards the Sunset” by Jim Berkshire
“Female blue tailed Damselfly” by Jim Berkshire

Standard Group:

“Marsh harrier on the prowl” by Victor Pace
“Concrete curves” by Rosemary Mann
“Melon Seller” by Margaret Stredwick
“Engine” by Richard Evans

Round 1 – Held on 12th March 2018

Judge: Andy Smith LRPS CPAGB

Advanced Group:

“Escape Route” by Jose Souto
“Spiral Stairs” by Robert Williams
“Stag at Sunrise” by Jim Berkshire
“Shayan” by Michael Loveder

Standard Group:

“Sunset at Camber Sands” by Limor Tevet
“The Long Read” by Margaret Stredwick
“Giant Trees in Tel Aviv Beach” by Limor Tevet
“Little Ball of Feathers” by Victor Pace