Monochrome Print Competition Results

The new season of competition for 2018-19 has begun, come back regularly to see the winning images.
To see a larger version of the images click on one of them to bring up a carousel of them all.

Round 2 – Held on 14th May 2018

Judge: Tony Bentley ARPS

Advanced Group:

“Haircut Alley” by Peter Grimes
“Final Effort” by John McCarthy LRPS
“Misty Morning Walk” by Pat Couder CPAGB BPE1*
“The Way Up” by Jose Souto

Standard Group:

“Cascata delle Mamore” by Margaret Stredwick
“Roofline” by Rosemary Mann
“Traditional Drummer” by Margaret Stredwick

Round 1 – Held on 26th March 2018

Judge: Gill Peachey LRPS

Advanced Group:

“Isolated” by Jeff Royce
“Discarded” by Jeff Royce
“Lily Petal” by Pat Couder CPAGB BPE1*
“Beneath the Thames” by Robert Williams

Standard Group:

“Metal Guru” by Rosemary Mann
“Keep Out” by Margaret Stredwick
“Entrance” by Richard Evans
“Gower Rock” by Chris Wise

Round 2 – to be held on 14th May 2018

Judge: Tony Bentley ARPS

Round 3 – to be held on 29th October 2018

Judge: Darren Woolway ARPS

Round 4 – to be held on 3rd December 2018

Judge: Gerald Kitiyakara LRPS